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The Crabtree Foundation is a private family foundation located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 1951 in Montreal by Harold Crabtree, a prominent businessman and owner of several manufacturing companies operating in Canada. Various family members have been active in the Foundation since its founding. The Foundation was a vehicle for Harold Crabtree's philanthropic giving. 


Mr. Crabtree believed in service to his community. In order to maintain a civilized society and a growing economy, successful people have to help others. It is our duty to help others and to give a hand up to those who don't have as much. Harold Crabtree has passed down this belief to subsequent generations. Mr. Crabtree provided the initial capital which has been augmented by current members who are active in the Foundation.


The current Directors are Sandra Crabtree and Gerald MacGarvie and their children: Jeremy Price, Lucas Price, and Megan MacGarvie.





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