The Crabtree Foundation does not solicit nor accept donations from non-family members. Instead, it relies solely on income from its endowment, the capital of which has been provided by members of the Crabtree Family.

In 2018, the Crabtree Foundation gave a total of $2,437,500 in grants to 43 different organizations:



Assaulted Women's Helpline     $5,000

Atlantic Wildlife Institute $100,000

Bird Studies Canada  $42,500

Boundless School, The  $25,000

Boys & Girls Club of Ottawa  $25,000

Boys & Girls Club of Saint John  $25,000

C.D. Howe Institute  $50,000

Canadian War Museum  $100,000

Carleton University    $750,000

Causeway Work Centre  $50,000

Centre for the Study of Living Standards  $35,000

Christie Lake Kids  $25,000

Canadian National Institute for the Blind  $100,000

Ducks Unlimited  $50,000

Giant Steps $20,000

Great Canadian Theatre Company  $25,000

Guide Dogs for the Blind  $25,000

Harvest House Ottawa  $25,000

Hopewell Eating Disorder Support Centre  $50,000

Hospice Care Ottawa  $25,000

Jennifer Ashleigh's Children's Charity   $10,000

McGill University $300,000

National Arts Centre $50,000


National Arts Centre Orchestra  $5,000

National Youth Orchestra $2,000

Nature Conservancy of Canada (The)  $50,000

NatureServe Canada  $5,000

Odyssey Theatre  $8,000

Ottawa Chamber Music Society, The  $35,000

Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre (CHEO)  $25,000

Ottawa Humane Society $25,000

Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation  $25,000

Ottawa Rotary Home Foundation  $10,000

Partners for Youth  $10,000

River Institute (St. Lawrence)  $25,000

Scouts Canada $20,000

Sculpture NB  $30,000

Serenity Renewal  $20,000

Township of Rideau Lakes  $10,000

TransCanada Trail $50,000

United Way Saint John  $50,000

uOttawa Heart Institute  $100,000














The Crabtree Foundation is a private family foundation located in Ottawa, ON, Canada.

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